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"Together for Them" project established by El Ami - El Atzmi non profit organization

POB 747, Hod Hasharon, ISRAEL

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Bringing wounded IDF combat veterans to schools and Jewish communities, enabling them to tell their inspiring stories.

To Strengthen Jewish values 


Barak Project

Outdoor military field workshops

The Barak project is a supplementary program for Jewish sleepaway camps, schools, synagogues, Jewish Community Centers, and organizations who seek to strengthen the connection between their members and Israel.

The Barak Project provides a variety of military field workshops with the goal of connecting Jewish youth living in the Diaspora to the IDF, Zionism, and the Land of Israel.



School activities:

On campus activities
We bring the entire program to your front door.
Invite the kids and we’ll facilitate a great program on your school grounds. 2-3 hours. Up to 30 participants per group.
Park activity – Time to change the scenery, but want to stay local?
Bring Barak to your local or favorite park setting. We’ll handle the rest. 4-6 hours. Up to 30 participants per group.
Shabbat –We’ll help create a Shabbaton filled with interesting lectures, exciting stories, and ethical questions and food for thought. Up to 60 participants.

Jewish Summer / Winter Camp options:

Barak project offers trained instructors to deliver variety of programs which will supplement and enhance the Jewish camp operation. Programs are tailored according to the needs of campers (i.e. short classes, 1-2 day activities, according to the age or physical abilities of the children, etc.).

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WoprkShop Topics

  • Navigation

  • Field craft

  • Camouflage

  • Krav-Maga

  • Surveillance

  • Tactics



Overcoming Personal Challenge
One of the important parameters for success in the army, and life in general, is overcoming the barriers of personal challenge. The way to teach this lesson while focusing on unique abilities is by presenting challenging situations and providing tools to accomplish stated objectives.
Once participants begin to recognize their personal abilities, the course transitions its focus to the individual’s role within the group. The only way to achieve success is by working as a team focusing on cohesion, brotherhood, and focus on the task at hand.
In the Army, soldiers are constantly faced with new challenges. When a group faces adversity and everyone works together, the capabilities and strength of the group is increased. So too, when working together as a group, the individual’s capabilities is also raised.

What motivates an 18-year-old to serve in the Israel Defense Forces? What motivates the soldier to go against his/her natural instinct and enter dangerous situations? By connecting to Zionism and its purpose of protecting the Jewish people, the soldier is able to focus on more than just him/herself. Dedication is a theme that emphasized throughout the program.

Leading values 


Love of Israel – Faith – Gratitude – partnership  

Ahavat Israel - the inner force that drives the program and the wounded of the IDF, who take part in it. Love that does not depend on the people of Israel and its state - "Kol Israel Arevim Ze La-Ze".


Faith - "Hope is an act of faith". - Belief in human life, in the life of the nation, in the long-standing Jewish tradition. Belief in the inner strengths of each one breeds optimism and a positive attitude towards life. "Faith is taking the first step even when you do not see the big picture". 


Gratitude - Seeing the good as a key component in life. To give thanks for what is and strive to win all the time out of a desire to increase the good in the world. See constantly the half full glass and from it, strive to fill the other half. "Modde Ani" before "Ani Modde". 


 Partnership - A worldview in which a person sees himself as taking part in processes and not as standing aside.

A deep understanding that partnering with the talents and abilities which are scattered around the world can lead to greater perfection. "Two are better than one".

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